Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Food Donations Appreciated!

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We are always humbled by the generosity of folks towards Teen Service Week. Some have asked if they can donate food items. Here is a list of requested food items that Laura and Elyse at Homesite put together for donation.
Please email us at to let us know if you will be bringing any items, and we can remove from the list. Thank you! 

2018 Donation Wish List:
Aldi take and bake pizza (5 cheese, 2 pepperoni, 2 meat)
apple sauce (large containers)
avocados (8-10)
bacon (8 lbs)
bagels (8-10 6-8 bags)
bagged ice, 2-3 bags for first day (7-10 lbs bags)
beans - canned, black, kidney, garbanzo
bread - white, wheat (10-15 8-13  4-9 loaves)
brown sugar (1 bag)
butterscotch chips
brown rice (2lbs)
cakes, cobblers, pies, etc.
cake mix (3 boxes)
caramel dip
cereal - variety of kinds, including some high fiber brands (10 6 boxes)
cheese, for crackers
cheese, sliced for sandwiches
cheetos (4 large bags) 
chocolate chips
chocolate frosting 
cookies (large containers or homemade)
corn chips (3 large bags)
crackers (2 boxes)
croutons (5 bags)
cooking oil (one regular sized bottle)
cream cheese (variety of flavors for bagels) 5-6 3-5 containers
dried fruit--raisins, cranberries
eggs (8 dozen)
elbow macaroni (4 boxes, 24 oz. each)
English muffins
freeze pops
fruit (fresh, all kinds: blueberriesapples, peaches, raspberries, grapes, watermelon, bananasstrawberries)
garlic bread (4-6 boxes)
graham crackers (2 boxes)
greens (all kinds for salad)
ground beef (9 lbs)
hard shell tortillas
hot peppers
hot sauce (1 bottle)
iced tea mix
ketchup (1 bottle)
Kool-aid mix
lemonade mix
lettuce for salads
m&ms (plain)
margarine (2 large tubs)
marshmallows (3 bags mini)
mayonnaise (2 30oz. jars)
milk (2 gallons skim, 2 gallons 2%)
mustard (2 small bottles)
nuts--all kinds
onions (3 lbs)
orange juice (1 gallon)
pancake mix (for 100 pancakes)
paper napkins
pita chips

pot scrubbers
potato chips (4 large bags)
pretzels (3 large bags)
raisin bread
red onions (1 small bag)
refried beans (9 cans)
Rice Krispies cereal (2 boxes) 1 box
 salad dressings (4-6 bottles, variety of flavors)
salsa (3 jars mild, 3 jars medium)
shredded cheddar cheese (at least 5 lbs.)
shredded mozzarella cheese (at least 5 lbs.)
snickers bars (1 bag)
soft shell tortillas
sour cream (8 cartons, 16 oz. each)
steel cut oats
syrup for pancakes
taco seasoning packets (8-10)
tater tots (5 bags)
tortilla chips (5 2 large bags)
trail mix
veggie burgers (2 boxes)
vegetables (fresh, all kinds, tomatoescarrots, celery, cucumbers, peppers)
yogurt (large tubs)
white rice (2 lbs.)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018